Spiritual direction is known by many names: spiritual companioning, spiritual guidance, spiritual accompaniment are just a few. In general, the purpose is to cultivate a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human.

Typically, people choose to work with me because of my work as a hospice chaplain which entails supporting people in coping with aging, sickness, dying, and loss. I offer a mindfulness-based approach of coping with these in a direct and compassionate way.

In the format of 1-to-1 Support Sessions, a range of needs motivate people to work with me, including:
• Sadness, confusion and isolation from the death of someone close
• Compassion fatigue and/or being at a crossroads as a care professional
• Caregiving and decision-making for elderly parents, partners, etc.
• Discernment in entering the caregiving professions, such as hospice or chaplaincy
• Leadership responsibilities in coping with a death or crisis in the workplace

My practice of spiritual direction is rooted in Buddhist teachings, and is enriched and informed by my own spiritual life, as well as my theological education and work as a hospice chaplain. My spiritual path began as Girl Scout and continued into yoga, 12-step recovery, Creation Spirituality, and meditation. At present, I cultivate my spirituality primarily through the study of Zen and a deep relationship with the natural world.

From a Buddhist perspective, the connection between spiritual director and directee is most reminiscent of the ‘spiritual friend’ relationship—known in ancient Pali as kalyanamitta. This is a sacred friendship in which there is a depth of connection and commitment—a joining together through empathy and wisdom. My intention is to share in a heartfelt way the feelings expressed by the directee—meeting the directee’s inherent goodness—the sacred still place within. While it may be appropriate to discuss personal and relational struggles in the context of our time together, I am not a psychotherapist, nor do I provide such services. What I do provide is empathy and wisdom that enables people to know his or her inherent goodness, which in turn inspires people to envision and meet their true potential.

Individual Sessions
By appointment: Inquire/Schedule
$30-60 per session, sliding scale
Location: Lower Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco