When someone we love dies, we come to know the deepest pain in our hearts. When our careers or primary relationships come to a natural or sudden end, our lives can feel turned upside down. While our instinctive reflex is to run as far away as possible from the overwhelming pain of loss, we discover – sooner or later – that denying, hiding, or medicating over our pain is almost impossible. Eventually, our pain demands our attention. In acknowledging the suffering that comes from loss, we can begin to understand, honor, and carefully embrace the pain of the journey through grief.

In individual sessions, my role is to walk alongside people as they explore these changes, rather than analyzing or fixing their grief. I support mourners in transforming their grief into healing, ease and a renewed capacity for joy. While ‘grief counseling’ is an oft-used term for this work, ‘grief companioning’ more accurately describes the intention I hold with clients. Grief companionship is about supporting an individual on their unique life journey through transitions and losses.

Although it is not a therapeutic relationship, many find grief companionship a complementary process to work happening in that setting. Rather than viewing grief as a condition or illness that with proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment can be cured, I embrace a more holistic view of the normal, natural and transformative process that is grief.

Over the years, I have accompanied dozens and dozens of mourners and have witnessed first-hand that with careful effort and attention, mourners can cultivate confidence in their grief process, and begin to move forward in incorporating their loss into daily living.

Individual Sessions
By appointment: Inquire/Schedule
$30-60 per session, sliding scale
Location: Lower Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco

Appropriate for all who grieve any type of loss (the death of a loved one, an accumulation of relationship transitions, the loss of a job, ability, or identity), as well as professionals coping with bereavement overload.