I collaborate with families to create meaningful ceremonies and gatherings for departed loved ones. These are appropriate for people with little or no religious affiliation who wish to create room for individual understandings of reality, spirit, truth, or the like in their group gathering.


As an ordained Interfaith minister, I am knowledgeable of the world’s major wisdom traditions and rituals, and thus able to engage the universal thread that flows through people from various religions, people of no faith, and people who are seeking their own sense of connection, truth, and/or spiritual understanding beyond a faith tradition.


A personalized funeral ritual can be both healing and meaningful for years to come. Funerals, cremation rituals, and memorial services can be conducted in a great variety of ways that fulfill the wishes and needs of the departed and/or meet the needs and sensibility of those participating in the service. These may include the use of pictures, memory objects, art, music, writing and as well as storytelling.