At some point in time, most people need support and education about coping with aging, sickness, loss and dying. Since 1998, I have been teaching a spectrum of curriculum that foster wisdom and compassionate service in caregiving, hospice, chaplaincy, and grief. Individuals, healthcare professionals, and progressive business leaders call upon me to provide unique experiences to meet their educational needs.

The lectures & workshops are experiential and explore the profound and universal experiences of life, death, and personal transformation. These programs support individuals, families and care professionals in finding ways of living fully and working skillfully with aging, sickness, loss, and dying.

  • Lectures & Workshops that help people turn towards suffering, rather than away
  • Consultation to organizations facing issues of end-of-life, loss, & transformation
  • Group & Staff support during difficult losses, including remembrance services
  • Support for leaders responding to challenging circumstances

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